Kemper Fume Extraction Systems

Kemper Fume Extraction Systems

Filter Master

The Kemper Filter Master is a great all round heavy duty portable Welding Fume Extraction machine. It can be used on almost any types of application; and is on heavy duty castor wheels; so it is easily moved around and fixed into your desired position.


The Kemper Dusty is a portable and lightweight way to solve your extraction problems. With step-less induction control and two connection points, the Dusty is a great small all round extraction system.

Filter Master XL

The Filter Master XL is a high quality portable Welding Extraction Machine. It features special ePTFE filters that are self cleaned by the machine; giving them an extra long lifespan!

Exhaust Set with Fan and Arm

The Kemper Exhaust Sets are an economical way to remove Welding Fume from your workspace. Different length arms are available to suit your needs.

Flexible Exhaust Arms

Kemper Flexible Exhaust Arms are available in different lengths to suit your needs; and can be manoeuvred into any position to suit your application.

Extraction Tables for Welding and Cutting

Create a safe and effective work space with Kemper fume extraction tables for welding and cutting. Products range from plasma cutting benches to large CNC. Cutting beds

CNC Extraction Tables

Kemper CNC cutting tables use a replaceable grate system that can be built in almost any desired size. Sectional and filtered extraction ensures that workers are totally safe from any harmful fume.

Hand Plasma Table

Kemper Hand Plasma Tables can set your workplace up with a safe and clean area to cut steels. Their heavy duty design gives the user a lifelong solution to plasma fume problems.

Grinding Table

The Kemper grinding table creates a workstation for grinding steel; whilst keeping the workers safe from fine and harmful dust particles.

Mini Weldmaster

The Mini Weldmaster is a small and lightweight machine with two stage filtration to collect small and large fume particles with 99% filter efficiency. Add in optional Active Charcoal filter to remove smells, and Automatic Stop/Start to save power.

High Vacuum Cartridge Filter Unit

The High Vacuum Cartridge Filter Unit can be used for extraction at the source; and uses a high quality ePTFE filters which are self cleaned by the machine. Step less induction control is provided and Automatic Stop/Start can be fitted to this machine.

Mechanical Welding Smoke Filters

Available with one or two extraction arms, the Mechanical Weld Smoke Filter can suit many needs for welding fume extraction. With a filter efficiency of 99% you will have clean air omitted back into your workspace, as well as the option for automatic stop/start to conserve power and machine life.

Mobile Cartridge Filter Unit

Mobile Cartridge Filter Unit is available with two exhaust arms, making it versatile for mobile welding stations. With a high quality ePTFE filter, you won't need to replace these often because the unit is self cleaning. With optional automatic stop/start, save power and machine efficiency.

Electrostatic Mobile Filter Unit

Available with one or two arms, the electrostatic mobile filter unit uses a pre-filter to separate large particles. There is no need to re-place main filters, as the electrostatic filter can be cleaned and re-used over and over again. Optional automatic stop/start connection will save power and preserve machine life.

Stationary Cartridge Filter Unit

The Stationary Cartridge Filter Unit is available with one or two exhaust arms which can span out up to 7m; making it perfect for permanent welding workstations.

It’s high quality ePTFE filters capture the smallest and most dangerous particles, and they are self cleaned by the machine for a long lifespan.

Stationary Mechanical Weld Smoke Filter

This unit is wall mounted and will save floor space within your working area; and is ideal for permanent welding stations.

Protective Welding Bays

Kemper Protective Weld Bays shield the Welder from harmful UV lights that can damage the skin and eyes. Also their modular design can fit any application to suit your needs.

Welding Strip Curtain

Kemper Welding Strip Curtain shields the welders eyes from harmful UV rays which can cause loss of eyesight. Tough and rigid; the screening curtain is made to meet the demands of your workshop.

Fans and arm extraction systems

Removing weld fumes is a concern for any work space. With Kemper extraction fans you have an easy and economic way of removing fumes without having to use space on your floor.

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